Frequently Asked Questions

Q.   Who are eligible to join the Club?
Markham or non-Markham residents who are 55 years of age and older.  However, the Club is comprised of 75% of Markham Residents and no more than 25% Non-residents.
Q.   I am under 55 years old, but my spouse meets the age criteria, can I still join the Club?
Yes, you can join the club as an underage member provided that your spouse is also a member of the club.
Q.   How much is the membership fee?
Current AGOAC annual membership fee is $50.00, of which $35.00 is paid to the City of Markham.  It is non-refundable and non-proratable.
Q.   When does the membership year start and finish?
The membership year normally runs from September to August of the following year.  Membership is valid for one year.  A member must renew his/her membership each year to continue to enjoy AGOAC programs.
Q.   I am a volunteer with the club; can I be exempted from paying the membership fee?
The club is supported and run by volunteers.  While we appreciate the efforts provided by our volunteers, we believe that all members should be treated equally; therefore, every member pays the same fee to participate in AGOAC programs.
Q.   Where are the programs being held?
AGOAC continues to work with the City of Markham to provide facilities for our programs.  Currently, programs are held at one of the 4 locations:
  1. Angus Glen Community Centre
  2. Crosby Community Centre
  3. Old Unionville Library Community Centre
  4. Stiver Mill Community Centre
Q.   How and where can I see the schedule?
Schedule is posted under [All Schedules], under [Programs] on this website.  You may also find a schedule posted in the Bulletin Board outside the Older Adults Centre at Angus Glen Community Centre,
Q.   I am not a member, can I join AGOAC programs?
AGOAC programs are created for our members, therefore, priority is given to them.  If there is room available (check the rules of each program), non-member is welcome to join by paying a drop-in fee and provided that the individual is at least 55 years old.
Q.  I want to participate in AGOAC programs, do I have to register for the programs?
There are 2 types of programs; drop-in programs and register programs.  For the drop-in programs, there is no need to register in advance.  For the register programs, you have to register prior to attending the program.
Q.   What is a “Pay” program?
There are some programs where AGAOC cannot find volunteers and there is the demand.  Normally, these are programs that are either “grandfathered” from the City of Markham or no volunteer instructor is found.   Members have to pay additional nominal fee to participate in those programs.
Q.   Why do I have to pay additional fee to participate in some non-Pay programs?
Some programs such as Chinese Calligraphy, Simple Dessert, Badminton and Pickle ball collect money to buy materials (calligraphy materials, Cooking ingredients, balls, birdies, etc.) required for the programs.  The fee is to cover material cost.
Q.   How do I know when to register?
Most of AGOAC programs run in a 3-month session.  There are some programs that have either a shorter or longer session.  Registration information are posted at the [Registration] page as well as the Bulletin Board outside the Older Adults Centre at Angus Glen Community Centre.
Q.   Do I have to show my membership card each time to participate in AGOAC programs?
Yes, all members are expected to carry their membership cards and to show them when signing in to class.  As many of our programs are free, this is to protect our members to ensure that our programs are for our members.
Q.   Why do you need to keep attendance records?
Attendance records are important to us.  We use the information to determine if any adjustments need to be made to our programs.  It is also used for Grant application purposes.  City of Markham also requires us to provide the information to them periodically to ensure good usage of their facilities.
Q.   How do you notify us when the class is cancelled?
Sometime programs are cancelled due to emergency or other reasons.  All cancellations will be posted on the [Changes/Cancellations] page under the [Programs] section of our website.  Members are encouraged to check the website regularly for current status.
Q.   What is the weather cancellation policy?
Please see the Weather Cancellation Policy page.
Q.   How do I tell AGOAC if my contact information has changed?
Members can Login to their membership profile and update their address, phone number, and email address.  Member who forgotten or do not have their User ID and Password can retrieve it from the Password Retrieval page.
Q.   I want to volunteer with the Club, where do I start?
Thank you for your interest in volunteering.  If you are interested to volunteer with the club, you may speak to your class instructor, program coordinator or write directly to  AGOAC will contact you.
Q.   Will I get priority privilege to the programs if I volunteer for the club?
Volunteers have priority only in the programs that they volunteer for and the same privileges as all members in other programs that they NOT volunteer for.  For example, if he/she volunteers to help out in Tai Chi Fan, he/she will have priority only for Tai Chi Fan.
Q.   I am a non-member volunteer, can I participate in AGOAC programs that I am not volunteer for?
The club is supported and run by volunteers.  While we appreciate the efforts provided by our volunteers, we believe that all members should be treated equally; non-member volunteers does not have access privileges to programs that they do not volunteer for.
Q.   Why do I have to sign a “Volunteer Offer”?
Signing the “Volunteer Offer” confirmed your status as a regular volunteer.  This is also required for insurance purposes.
Q.   If I have questions about AGOAC programs, who should I approach?
You may contact the appropriate coordinator on our [Program Coordinators] page.
Q.   Where do I file a complaint or give suggestions?
Members can send an email via our [Feedback & Suggestion] page, providing as much details as possible.  AGOAC is an independent organization working in partnership with the City of Markham.  AGOAC is responsible for all inquiries, suggestions associated with the Club.
Q.  Do you accept any refund claim for membership withdrawal, class cancellation?
Money paid to AGOAC is non-refundable.
Q.   Is there any 1-day pass or trial pass?  If so, how much is the cost?
No, there is no 1-day pass or trail pass.  Non-member who is interested in participating in AGOAC program can pay a drop-in fee if there is still room available for the program.
Q.   Is there any fee for membership replacement card?
Yes, members will have to pay $5 for each replacement card.
Q.  There are parties that are not offered to all members, why is that?
Please refer to our Event (Parties/Workshops/Seminars) Guidelines for more info.